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Dollish Polish - Heart of Glass

Hi guys,

Wow, I'm so achy today! I did an exercise class this morning that I could take my son to, in his pram. It was such hard work, I don't think I've ever done so many squats in my life! But no pain, no gain!

Anyway, I promised you something really pretty for today so here it is! I did have another idea for today but the weather wasn't nice enough to take photos so I chose this instead.

Heart of Glass is a clear based nail polish with lots of spectraflair, as well as some holographic shards and bar glitter. I've been after this for AGES and I actually had 2 in my basket when I bought this, but I removed it to give someone else the chance to enjoy it!

The formula on this was amazing, as I've come to expect from all Dollish Polishes. The photos below show one coat of Heart of Glass layered over one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore.

Bottle shot - I had some settling issues but jut left the bottle upside down for a  bit and it was fine!

The rest of my photos are after the jump!

This wasn't pretty in the shade - but who cares, holos are MADE for the sun!
Indoors with flash - it almost looks blue!

Overall I love this polish. It doesn't look great in the sun but that's because it's a spectraflair topcoat, I always think they look dull as a clear base topcoat. This doesn't bother me at all though, in the sun it's AMAZING! I'm so glad I bought this, but maybe I should have bought that second bottle after all! I can't wait to try this over more colours, especially a sky blue and maybe a bright pink too.

I bought Heart of Glass here at Dollish Polish where it retails for $9.50. According to Dolly's shop updates this will be restocked in August, and I'm not sure what the Llarowe situation is... Dollish Polish will be stocked on there at some point but I don't know any of the details...

This is definitely worth buying if you can get hold of it, I'm so happy I got it! Also, for anyone that's never tried any of the indie brands before, Dollish Polish is a good one to go with, I've never been disappointed and I've got six of their polishes now and they're all great.

Tomorrow, if I can get myself organised, I'll be starting a new monthly feature! It's steering away from nail polish slightly as it's more personal, but it's nice to mix it up a bit every now and again!

See you tomorrow...