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KIKO Swatches!

Hi Guys,

Did you all have a good weekend? I didn't do a great deal, just tried to catch up with some housework, and sleep for that matter...

I had planned on posting this on Friday evening but I was so tired! I spent the day with my boyfriend's sister and her two little girls, we took them and Caleb to a maze nearby which was fun. We walked miles and I was so exhausted that I was asleep by 11:30! I've been very naughty recently and have been staying up until about 2:30 every night which usually means I get five hours sleep if I'm lucky, so it was nice in a way to get an early night, I think I needed it! 

Anyway, I have my beautiful KIKO swatches to show you this evening. I have fallen in love with these all over again after seeing my swatches, they are just so pretty...

KIKO 225 is a gorgeous deep purple with a ton of holographic glitter in it. This is so unique to me, I don't own anything anywhere near as sparkly as this. It's so pretty in the sun, and in the shade the glitter still glistens, I just love this! This is two coats with top coat, but this is pretty much a one coater.

Natural light

KIKO 336 is a creamy what I would call a middle blue, although I'm sure it has a proper name! I bought this to try and calm my obsession with Nails Inc Baker Street. I don't know if it's a dupe for that but I'm not bothered because I love this. It's a really flattering shade, has an amazing formula, and I know that when it's winter I'll be reaching for this to layer under a silver chunky glitter. These photos show two coats with topcoat. Sorry you can really see me in my nails, awkward!

Natural light
Flash - it doesn't look this purple in real life 

KIKO 335 is a true blue jelly. It's quite an opaque polish after two coats, which is what I used, and the visible nail line was not as obvious in real life as in the photos. I don't feel like my swatches did this polish any justice!

Natural light

KIKO 228 is a sparkly topcoat. It contains silvery white translucent glitter particles that look like glass flecks on top of other colours. It's very versatile and I can't wait to layer it over different colours. For now I just put one coat over the two blues from this post. The formula is pretty thick on this but it helps with the application because one coat gives you plenty of coverage.

KIKO 228 over 336
KIKO 228 over 335

So that's that, my KIKO haul is swatched! These pretties were bargains at £2.50 each from KIKO in Westfield and I'm so glad I picked them up. I'm really tempted to go on their website and get some more, especially their Sugar Mat sparkly matte polishes seeing as there is not one Boots within 25 miles of my house that stocks the new Seventeen Rock Hard Couture polishes......

Do you own any KIKO polishes? Will you be buying any? I'd love to know!

The polishes included in this post as far as I know should be available on the KIKO site to buy here. I paid £2.50 per bottle, but they have polishes on their site for as cheap as 50p! Get on there!