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My Christmas and New Year in Pictures!

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year! I can't believe this is 2013! We all survived the end of the world and we've made it this far! This is the year I will be turning 23, my son will turn two, and my boyfriend will be hitting the big 3-0! 

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that you're all feeling positive for the year ahead!

As far as New Years Resolutions go, I haven't gone mental... I would like to start making more movements towards my own polish line, and I also want to get fitter. I used to go to the gym but I didn't have a driving licence so getting there was a nightmare. Now I have a car, I don't have a babysitter! We got a treadmill for the house so I can start running, I would like to lose that last bit of baby weight, that's all! I don't like to make proper resolutions because I can never keep them, but I think mine are realistic! 

I thought that as I have been away for so long relaxing with my family, I should share some of my Instagram photos with you all. I have misplaced my camera wire, so can't charge my camera or take my photos off right now (typical) so Instagram photos are a good option! I have a horrible feeling my boyfriend has taken my cable with him offshore... I'll have to buy new one because he's gone for a month at least!

Onto the photos... Please ignore the horrendous carpet and curtains. We've only lived here a couple of weeks and the focus has been on hosting Christmas, unpacking as many boxes as humanly possible and building furniture! We want to lay down solid wood flooring and we're trying to sort out getting our one pair of huge, beautiful damask curtains turned into three pairs of smaller curtains...

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The Christmas tree all set up
Roaring fire, so lovely!
Hanging lights above the fireplace
Christmassy bedding on our new bed
Beautiful wrapping paper
Presents under the tree
The Christmas Dinner, we had a gammon joint
Christmas NOTD got ruined, this was Essie Dive Bar

Due to kitchen troubles (I didn't realise you had to defrost a turkey before cooking it)
we cooked it fresh on boxing day and had turkey and stuffing baguettes!
Our new treadmill, donated to us by my boyfriends parents, not for Christmas!
Trying New Year nail combos
Here's what I ended up with! Swatches coming soon
Eyes of the night. This was so much darker in real life, I loved them!
Pardon the brows, haven't had time to get them done!

New Years Eve!

 I hope you liked the photos! Just in case you were wondering, the nail polishes I wore for New Year were Oh My GOSH Cobalt Blue, Models Own Blizzard, and Models Own Freak Out. I layered the blue, then the two glitters, then another coat of the blue. It was so pretty. I also wanted to do an OOTN for New Years Eve but I didn't take any good photos!

The top I'm wearing in the photo above is a long sleeved jacquard print peplum top from Miss Selfridge, available here for £26. I also wore these Topshop shorts that cost £32 with black tights and my new Topshop boots (£70). I didn't wear anything particularly fancy or sparkly because my boyfriend and I didn't really have plans after our dinner. We ended up at the pub with some friends and had a really good time, so I was glad I didn't dress up too much! 

Just before I go, I need to give a shout out to both of my parents! My Mum did such an amazing job with Christmas dinner, I wouldn't have known where to start! She helped us so much with the move as well, it would have been impossible without her!

My Dad is over from Holland right now staying with me, and I've been very spoilt! He bought me a couple of colour changing candles yesterday and I loved them so much that he bought me three more today! And he bought me a Cookies cook book and a really big makeup bag, I was desperate for a new one! Best of all, when I woke up and came downstairs this morning he had done all the washing up and then made me breakfast! I'm lucky to have such great parents!

New candle! This is £1.99 at Poundstretcher... Glass candle holder is from Next Home

I'll leave this post at that! I'll be back very soon to do some Best of 2012 posts I think, at least a Five Favourites! Plus I wanted to do a Festive Friday Followup post. I'll see if that pans out tomorrow, I have dinner plans at a Thai restaurant with my Dad so I'll just go with the flow.

See you soon!