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Five Favourites: 2012!

Hi Guys,

I know this post is a bit late, I planned on doing it right at the start of the year, but time has really got away with me!

Last year was a really great year for me, so many great things happened, and we all survived the end of the world! I don't know how this year could possibly top it...

So here are my Five Favourites of 2012:

1. I Passed My Driving Test:

Photo from Google (credit)

This has been one of the greatest achievements of my life. It has opened so many doors for me and I can't imagine not having that freedom now. It took me four years (in a roundabout way) to take my test and I'm so happy to have my licence!

2. Great Moments With My Son: 

Photo from Google

Last year was filled with milestones for Caleb. He started crawling, walking, saying small words, and just became the cutest little boy ever. He makes my day every day and I just love having him with me. I'm dreading the day when he grows up and realises I'm not cool...

3. We Moved House:

Housewarming gift from my friend Chloe
It's a private joke from when we lived together and I LOVE IT!

This year saw us make a big move. After my boyfriend sold his house in October 2010, he used to stay in my student house when he was home from working offshore. Then when I finished uni, we rented a little house, which was my son's first home. After a year and a half of renting, we finally found our dream house (for now, anyway) and made the 240 mile move. It was stressful and time consuming - as you've probably heard me rambling on about on here - but we hosted family at Christmas and it feels like a home now.

4. I Discovered a Hidden Love (and talent?) for Baking: 

Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!
Back in October, well, a couple of months of planning happened beforehand, I set about making my son a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake. It took me 7 hours to make, and I was amazed by how good it looked! Now I want to bake anything and everything I can think of...

Meme from MemeGenerator (credit)

5. Our First Family Holiday: 

Malta - Photo from Google

This year we had our first family holiday to Malta. It was so lovely, and as a family it was the first big thing we had all done together. Now we're about to book our second proper holiday. I'm not counting the couple of times we've been to Holland because we went to see my Dad there. This weather is making me need a bit of heat!

So that's it! My Five Favourites for the last year. Here's to having a great 2013 and doing everything to make sure this year is even better!