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Barry M Spring 2013 Releases

Hi Everyone, 

I can't believe it's the end of the week already... This week has flown by with a lack of posts unfortunately. At the moment I just can't seem to get myself together. I really regret not bringing my camera here because I have bought some really beautiful polishes recently and I'm dying to swatch them!

Anyway, tonight I have a little bit of polish news for you! Barry M have revealed their new Spring additions...

So here goes!

Papaya GNP13, Dragon Fruit GNP11, Lychee GNP10, Green Berry GNP12 

There will be four new additions to the Gelly Hi Shine range. These are super glossy polishes, one of which (Watermelon) I swatched here. As far as these polishes go, I don't really understand the need for high shine because I always use a fast dry top coat, but I can understand why it might appeal to some people. That aside, I LOVE these colours, especially the pink and green. They're exactly what I think of when I think of spring. 

Here's what Barry M had to say about them:

"To add to our Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint collection Barry M have 4 new exotic fruit inspired shades! Lychee GNP10, Dragon Fruit GNP11, Green Berry GNP12, Papaya GNP13 will be your go-to shades this Spring for an extra shiny mani."

When these are released they will retail for £3.99. I know I'll be picking them up!

Next up, and something I was waiting for...

Kingsland Road TNP3, Atlantic Road TNP1, Ridley Road TNP4,  Station Road TNP2

Every year there is one nail polish trend that stands out amongst all others, this year, it is texture. Specifically this kind of texture. During the summer last year, my boyfriend and I were talking about ideas for a polish line. It's a dream of mine to start creating my own, and we were just chatting casually about it. He suggested a textured polish that was gritty and like sand... I turned my nose up at the idea, saying "who wants sandpaper nails?" As far as I was concerned, I use topcoat over my glitters to get a smooth finish so why would I want gritty nails. As soon as I saw the OPI Liquid Sand polishes, I realised that was going to catch on big-time! So I hold my hands up, I WANT GRITTY NAILS!

Here's the official statement from Barry M:

"Channel East End cool by adding some grit to your nails! Textured Nail Effect’s grainy, matte formula creates a unique textured effect for a grunge-chic look. Available in 4 Spring/Summer shades named after famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of Ridley Road and Brixton. Ridley Road (Green)TNP4, Kingsland Road (Pink) TNP3, Station Road (Yellow) TNP2, Atlantic Road (Blue) TNP1." 

I love all of these colours so much... They too will retail for £3.99 once they are released!


I can see myself buying all 8 of these new additions. I'm starting to think when I get home and organise my Helmer I'm going to need to do it by brand rather than colour because I'll have too many Barry Ms! 

What do you think, which of these do you think you'll be buying? And what do you think about the craze for gritty nails?!

Have a great weekend!