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Five Favourites: NOVEMBER!

Hi Guys,

I meant to post this on Friday in place of a Festive Friday, seeing as it was the last post of the month, but I was very stressed beyond belief so I couldn't bring myself to sit down and write a post. I found out on Thursday that I had two house viewings so I spent two days frantically tidying before Saturday morning! It's one thing to have your house tidy enough that it doesn't drive you insane, and it's a whole other thing altogether to have it ready for viewings, especially with a nearly 14 month old child walking about causing havoc!

Anyway, the viewings went well and one of the couples took it, so we won't have to keep on paying rent until March after we move out this month! It was stressful, but all's well that ends well... And now my boyfriend is coming home, he gets here tomorrow (technically later on today, in 12 hours actually because I'm writing this at 4am!) so I'll have a bit of weight off my shoulders and someone to share the burden with me...

Here are my Five Favourites for this month, well, it's Four Favourites and a Hate!

1. My son started walking! 

Clarks Crazy Dig Fst Shoes in Brown Leather

This month my son finally felt confident enough to walk properly! He's been cruising along the furniture since he was 7 months old, and has been able to cut corners with a few steps for a couple of months, but two weeks ago he walked across the room and now he's on a roll. He's got his proper little shoes from Clarks (pictured above) and he's doing really well!

2. Eyebrow threading

I got this photo here but I don't know if it's actually theirs to credit...

I've always been a huge fan of threading. I first got my eyebrows done in 2007 and it changed my life! But before I moved back to England from Spain in summer '08, I couldn't get them done, and then I was a student, so £15 a time in Debenhams was a huge spend, so I struggled along. Now, a few years later, most shopping malls have a stall that does it for a fiver! I just got my eyebrows done on Friday, I can't keep away from these places. The shopping centre near me is really small but they still had a stall and they were so busy that they're now renting a whole salon and offering other treatments, it's great!

3. Getting ready for Christmas!

Credit here
I am feeling very Christmassy... Everywhere I go, Christmas music is playing, and I've started my Christmas shopping. Up until now I hated Christmas stuff happening in November but this year I'm loving it. I think it's because the summer here was so terrible that I just want Christmas to happen now to make myself feel better. I'm dying to put our Christmas tree up, but that will have to wait until after the move... Knowing me, it'll be up on the 24th of December!

4. Mum's birthday!

Credit here
It was my Mummy's birthday on the 29th. She's a total tomboy but she likes a bit of pampering, so I got her some nail treatments, lots of Sally Hansen, some nail polishes, nails wraps and a hair dryer and styling product. I love to spoil my Mum with things she wouldn't buy herself, and I treated her to an Indian takeaway tonight that was so yummy!

This is the card I got her. One of her dogs is a bit mental and she looks like a meerkat, so I couldn't resist this card. I got the Audrey Hepburn one because Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favourite film. This card looked like Maddie was dressed up as Holly Golightly, my Mum loved it!


And for number five, there is something that is NOT my favourite, but has had a huge impact on me this month...

5. The weather 

Credit here

It has to be said, the weather is crazy cold right now. There have been severe floods in a lot of the country and I'm so grateful it hasn't happened where I live, but let's just say I can't wait for the summer... I went out the other day at at midday it was one degree. ONE! That's 33.8 degrees for all you Fahrenheit people! It's going to get a lot colder. January is usually the coldest month and if it has already been getting to -5 at night, I dread to think what it will be like then! I did an exercise class on Thursday in a tshirt, and I'm still not over my cold, it's horrendous!


I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was so delayed!

What has happened in your life the past month that you've loved or hated?

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