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NOTD: Utopia and New Moon

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend! I cooked my Mum dinner on Saturday at her house and watched X Factor, and did nothing on Sunday. Yesterday I went to Cheltenham, and can I just say, now I understand why my boyfriend said long distance driving is tiring. 220 miles, and 2 hours there and back and I was mentally and physically exhausted, hence no post!

And I'm ill... And my son is ill. #1 on my list of things I currently hate is people bringing their sick kids to playgroup. Poor Caleb hasn't had a break... Now he has a cold and conjunctivitis. And I can't breathe through my nose because I instantly caught his cold!

Anyway, tonight's post is a NOTD. I wanted something girly and almost princessy, which is really unlike me! I knew just what I wanted, and this looked just as perfect as I thought it would!

Utopia is a very pale pink, in some lights in looks almost lilac and in others almost white. It has a great formula and for me two coats is enough for full opacity. Utopia is one of the best loved Models Own colours, but personally it never appealed to me, I prefer darker colours... I bought this during the 50% off sale celebrating 100,000 likes on Facebook to see what all the fuss was about. £2.50 wasn't a bad price (I bought 21 polishes in the sale so the cheaper the better) and I can definitely see it now. I'll have swatches of this up on it's own soon I think.

New Moon is one of my newer polishes. I bought this the week before last in H&M. I first saw this on the Nailasaurus Blog (you can see Sammy's post here) and wanted it immediately, but I couldn't find it anywhere! It's distinctive because it's in a really small bottle with a strange purple metallic lid, not like the normal bottles, but I couldn't see it. Anyway, when I was paying for various other items, my friend was in the cosmetics but, and I asked her to try and find a gold flake polish and she found it! For £1.50 it's a total bargain! It's a clear polish with gold flakies. Not colour changing, just kind of translucent. It's so pretty!

Here it is, the pics below show two coats of Utopia, one coat of New Moon, and one coat of topcoat.

Natural light

Doesn't this look so pretty together. I think the macro shot and the flash shot show the translucent element of the flakies best. These feel the same on the nail as the flakies in Nubar 2010 and the such like, they lay flat and they don't eat topcoat. 

I'll have swatches up soon of New Moon over some other colours, but until then I'll say this... BUY THIS IF YOU CAN! For £1.50 you really won't find anything as subtly beautiful as this...

Now pardon me while I wallow in self pity until my cold has gone! At least my nails look pretty.......