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Models Own In The Navy

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. My son started walking on Sunday so it was an eventful one for me! I took him to Clarks yesterday and ordered his first pair of shoes, it's so exciting!

In other news, I've been converted and I'm now a Twilight fan! I had never had any interest in the books or films since the Saga came out. But the trailer for the latest film convinced me to watch the series and I love it. This is why I didn't post yesterday as planned! I've been watching a film every night and I'm watching Breaking Dawn part one tonight!

Tonight's polish is something dark to go perfectly with this new love! In the Navy is a very dark navy, so dark it looks black most of the time. This was quite hard to photograph but I tried my best. The formula was brilliant, nearly opaque in one coat, I used two for the photos below. My favourite thing about this polish is the glossiness, I haven't used topcoat in the photos and it's so shiny that you can see me in it!

Natural light
Look how glossy this is!!!

Isn't this pretty? I used it as a base for one of the Wonderland glitters which you'll see soon. I'm working on my swatches so I can post the whole collection at once, but I still have a couple of colours to do. We've had terrible weather and that means my pictures won't show the polishes at their best. I can't wait to move and hopefully have enough space for a lightbox!

In the Navy is available at all retailers that stock Models Own. It sells for £5, but I bought it as part of the half price sale for £2.50.