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Festive Fridays #3

Hi Guys,

I'm so glad it's Friday today! I never do anything on the weekends (can't stand all the people out and about) so I'll be staying in all weekend! Actually that's a bit of a lie, I'll be going to a new toy superstore on Sunday, but for the rest of the weekend I'll be sat inside watching the TV! 

I can't believe how soon Christmas is! This week I'm focusing on gifts for him, with the same layout as last week... As always, the caption under each picture is a link to the purchase page for the item.

SPLURGE: Watch, Marc By Marc Jacobs @ ASOS, £279.00

I love men's watches and this one is so masculine looking. My boyfriend doesn't wear a watch, funny how some people wear them and some people don't, but I think watches make great gifts. Marc Jacobs has a whole range of really nice watches. I love the women's ones too!

Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs @ ASOS, £279

STANDARD: PJs, Calvin Klein @ John Lewis, £48

To me, no Christmas would be complete without pijamas! I used to get some every year, and I think they're one of the best staple presents you can get. I'm such a pijama person, and I'm so jealous of men's PJs, they always look so comfy. I think these ones from Calvin Klein are gorgeous. My brother would love these, this is the kind of thing I'd buy for him.

Pijamas, Calvin Klein @ John Lewis, £48

THOUGHTFUL: Engraved Cufflinks,, £19.99

I'm a huge advocate of personalisation... For my brother's 18th I got him personalised Champagne, and I always get personalised cards. I just love that extra thoughtful touch. I've thought for a while that when I eventually get married, I'll buy some really nice personalised cufflinks for my groom-to-be. But if you have a husband, boyfriend, Dad, or brother, friend... who wears shirts, these mother of pearl cufflinks are affordable and would make a great gift! He could even wear them for a bit of New Years Eve partying!

Engraved cufflinks, JustForGifts, £19.99

NOVELTY: Bluetooth Phone Glove, Firebox, £49.99

This is a novelty present that is expensive but is actually useful! I saw these gloves on This Morning last week or the week before and I just knew I had to include them in this post! These gloves connect to your phone by Bluetooth and then when you hear your phone ringing or feel the vibration, you press the green button on your wrist and you can answer the phone! Then all you have to do is make the classic thumb-to-ear pinkie-to-mouth phone shape against your face and you'll be able to hear and speak to the person who's calling you! This is amazing! 

One thing I have to mention is after the interest that This Morning created, Firebox can't promise pre-Christmas delivery, but even so, you could write an IOU for this and put it under the tree!

These gloves are available in black and grey. Please note that you don't have to hold your phone in your free hand, this is to illustrate that the woman is actually on the phone, not just a crazy person!

Bluetooth phone glove, Firebox, £49.99

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know your favourite items in the comments section and have a great weekend!