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Five Favourites: OCTOBER! And a catch-up...

Hi Everyone,

This is the first post I've sat down to write in a while, the last ones have been scheduled and I've just been popping in every now and again to adapt them and check for comments etc. So thanks for bearing with me! I know I've been absent for a while, since I got back from Holland, but I've been really busy and stressed out! 

Basically my last few weeks have been like this: Son has a tummy bug for a week, boyfriend gets home from being away for a month, we have a week of stress before our son's birthday and party, we pack and travel to Holland, I think I have seasickness but really I've caught the bug from my son so I'm ill for three days and can't eat, I get better and we enjoy our holiday, boyfriend gets ill the day before we travel home, we get home and have a stressful week buying things and trying to plan our house move (next time boyfriend gets home)... And then this morning we got up at 5am, drove the hour and a half to Heathrow only to realise my boyfriend's flight is tomorrow, so we have to do the whole thing again then!!!

So I've tried my hardest but blogging has been about #2182984 on my priorities list! I have my friend staying from tomorrow until Friday so I should still be able to blog then, and then I'll be back to normal! For November anyway... God knows how I'm going to handle December. We're moving everything about 200 miles away and we only have a couple of weeks to do it in, and it's Christmas!!!

Anyway, that's my update! So onto my Five Favourites for the month!

1. My son's first birthday and party!

Caleb's first birthday cake!

This month my son turned one! It makes me feel so old to say I have a one year old, and I think he's growing up too fast, but nonetheless it's amazing to see a little person you created grow up from a newborn into a real human!

I made his cake and I'm still so proud of it! The only think I didn't make was the cubes with Caleb's name on and the number 1, I bought those from eBay. Everyone was really impressed with it and wants me to make cakes for their kids! It took a lot of planning (about a month and a half of research and practice bakes) but I really enjoyed the process!

2. My holiday.

Martinikerk, Groningen - photo from Google

Vomiting aside, I had a really lovely time! My Dad has lived over in Groningen for 8 years now and I wish I could go over and see him more often. We went on the ferry this time and took our car and it was so nice, we had everything we needed and it was a lot less stressful even though it took longer. Having our own space was amazing in comparison to sitting in an airport and then on a plane with a hyperactive child!

3. My boyfriend was home

Photo from Google

Even though we've had a stressful time while he's been home, it's been lovely to have him here. We had a few nice family days out, and he's been helping me with my driving (like forcing me to drive on the motorway!)

4. I got a car!

My actual car!

This month (the day after my son's birthday in fact) my boyfriend bought me a car! Originally I wasn't going to get one because I was going to drive our family car (a BMW X5) but I wanted something little to call my own so I got a Renault Clio. It's a 2007 (but 56 plate) silver one and I love it. I did hit another car within the first 24 hours and scratched the paint off my rear bumper, but I bought a paint pen and it doesn't look TOO bad! I've been promised that if I don't hit anything else for 6 months, I can get the bumper re-sprayed, so we'll see how that goes!

5. We're moving!

Photo from Google

This month we made the arrangements for our move. We're moving from Hampshire up to Norfolk, which is where we're both from. The house we're buying is really nice, with a big garden, room to extend and a lot of potential. Yesterday we went and bought nearly the whole of the IKEA kids section for our son's nursery. I've had a jungle room planned out for him since before he was born but we've been renting so we couldn't decorate. Doing his room will be so exciting!

OK, so those are the highlights of my month, it's been quite an eventful one! I don't think much will be going on in November so we'll see what my Five Favourites look like then. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!