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Barry M Magnetic Sparkle Blue aka Neptune Sea

Hi guys,

Another quick-ish post from me tonight. It's been a long day, I've been trying to sort out a venue for my son's birthday (unsuccessful) and then my boyfriend and I had a barbecue at 9pm in the nearly dark night! So here I am, very tired and achy and writing my post!

Tonight's polish is a new(ish) one from Barry M. When I heard they were releasing new colours of the magnetic polishes I was intrigued, but then I forgot about them until I saw the range in Superdrug a few days ago. They were on a deal at 2 for £8, so just under £2 off, so I bought two. 

Now onto Neptune Sea... I have a confession to make, I've only just found out that this is actually called Neptune Sparkle! I forgot the name of this and couldn't be bothered to dig out my bottle so I set onto google and found out the real name. I would have been none the wiser! My bottle says Magnetic Sparkle Blue on it, and seeing as Barry M polishes never have very imaginative names I never thought to question it!

Anyway, Neptune Sea looks a bit non-descript and grey at first glance, but luckily I check all of the effects before buying any of them so I knew the magic inside this bottle. It was too sheer for me, I hate doing layers and layers of polish so I cheated and layered it over black!

The photos below show two coats over black:

Natural light


When you apply the magnet over the polish, the most gorgeous glass flecked blue comes out, you'd never expect it from what it looks like without the magnet. I decided to use the chevron magnet for three fingers with the star as an accent nail. Not sure what happened with my little finger, it went a bit awry!

This is 100% my favourite magnetic polish yet. I love that Barry M have brought out so many, and I have another one to show you in the very near future that is really something special!

You can find this in all the usual places, Boots, Superdrug (where I bought mine) the Barry M website... It's not in stock on ASOS or Nail Polish Direct yet though, I'm not sure what their plans are for releasing it. It retails for £4.99, but as I mentioned before, Superdrug have it on 2 for £8, so it's worth getting!