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A England Tristam

Hi Everyone,

Today I've got a gorgeous polish to show you. I bought this a while ago when A England had their deal on for the Mythicals Collection. You could, for a limited time, buy the polishes for £5 each. Honestly, the Legends Collection is my favourite of the two, but there are some real beauties in the Mythicals. I did have a few more in mind but I decided on Tristam and Lady of the Lake as my two purchases. 

Tristam is the one I have to show you today!

This is a very dark blue scattered holographic polish with such an amazing shine that you really don't need topcoat. The formula for this was exactly what I have come to expect from A England, smooth and buttery. One coat would have been enough for full opacity but I used two coats for the photos below.

Natural light
Isn't this so pretty? It looks almost as pretty in natural light as it does in the sunlight, and the base colour is perfect for autumn/winter!

You can get this polish here where it retails for £9. Keep your eye out for sales on the A England website, this is the second time I've bought things from A England and both times it has been during sales, so check their site often!

I have some amazing posts in mind for the near future and I really want to show some new nail art, the only problem is having time to do it, so stay tuned for some really interesting stuff! Right now though, my focus is spending as much time as possible with my boyfriend while he's home, and my son of course! And also........ learning to drive. It's going well, but more on that soon!

See you tomorrow!

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