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MUA Shade 12

Hi everyone,

Oh my, I'm so tired today! I went to my pram exercise class this morning and I'm so tired! I had my dinner and collapsed on the sofa for a while before writing this! I've got a feeling this is going to be a short post because I can hardly keep my eyes open! 

I have a MUA polish for you this evening. Shade 12 is kind of like a darker version of a bubblegum/Barbie pink and it has a semi-jelly finish. It's not something I used to wear very often but I saw it in Superdrug and it caught my eye enough to buy it for £1! 

The application on this was pretty good. I like MUA polishes a lot and own quite a few. Generally I like the formula of all of them, the only thing that bugs me is the brush! The bristles are really stiff, so I find if I have to go over the same part of the nail twice, the bristles go out sideways and dent the rest of the polish. That's 100% my only complaint though, I love these little bargain bottles!

Here are some photos, I used three coats of Shade 12 and a coat of Seche Vite. Like I mentioned, it's a jelly-ish creme, so I still had a tiny bit of VNL at 3 coats, but I loved how it looked.

You can find this in Superdrug where it retails for a teensy weensy £1! It's definitely worth getting for that price! It reminds me of an untried Barry M that I have in my stash (whose name alludes me...) so I might have to dig it out and do a comparison, even though I'm sure the Barry M is lighter...

Sorry for such a short post, I'll make up for it tomorrow, I have a good idea for a post so hopefully I'll get my nails painted tonight before I pass out for the evening!

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