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£100 ASOS Blogger Challenge!

Hi Guys!

I've had such a lovely day today. I took my son to a new playgroup, which he really enjoyed, and it was sunny all day so I managed to fit in a bit of sunbathing this afternoon! I also had my first driving lesson since November 2010 this morning... I've been learning to drive for 4 years and have yet to take my test. I keep getting to the point of booking/taking my test then stopping for whatever reason. I'm determined that this will be my last set of lessons, and today went really well. My new instructor said my driving was good and I can book my test for 6/7 weeks time. I really need to be able to drive, it's really affecting my life now!

Anyway, today's post is something different. I've seen these posts on a few blogs and I really wanted to have a go myself. is having a £100 ASOS giveaway. You can find out more here but the basic concept is that you go to ASOS, create an outfit amounting to no more than £100 and then blog about it! ASOS is my favourite online retailer, at least half of my purchases are made from there, so I jumped at the chance to choose my favourite items. 

So that's what I have done! Here are my picks!

1. Rare Halterneck Playsuit - £18
2. ASOS Wedges - £17
3. ASOS Watch - £10
4. French Connection Bracelet - £8
5. ASOS Dice Earrings - £1.50
6. And Mary Geek Owl Necklace - £10
7. Pieces Bag - £9

TOTAL SPEND = £73.50

I tried to choose something similar to what I would wear on a night out. I love playsuits, and I like to stick with a black colour scheme with subtle colour injections.

I've seen a lot of bloggers saying they struggled with getting things for under £100, but I didn't struggle at all! The rules state no discount codes or student discount, so I just chose sale items to make my money go further.

I spend a lot of time browsing the ASOS site, so I could have done this challenge ten times over! They have amazing clothes and if you've been living under a rock for years and haven't heard of ASOS, you need to check it out now!

My favourite items are the shoes, which I think I might buy anyway (£17 is too cheap to turn down), the earrings (which I've had my eye on for months) and the watch! I'm so tempted to buy the watch, but my Dad bought me one for my graduation last year and so I don't think he'd be impressed if I turned up wearing something worth £10!

If you're a blogger and you'd like to have a try at this, find out more here and head to ASOS to create your look!