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Jelly Glitter Sandwich - Pic Heavy

Hi Everyone,

Today I have my first ever glitter sandwich to show you! If you don't know what this means, it's basically a technique where you alternate between layers of jelly finish and glitter polish to create a manicure that has a special depth to it. 

I bought a few new polishes yesterday and chose them specifically because I wanted to create this look. The glitter I had in mind was NYC Colors Lights Camera Glitter because of the larger hex glitter, but my local Superdrug doesn't stock it, so instead I bought Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch instead. Sparkle Touch is literally a dead on dupe for Rimmel Disco Ball which I already own but didn't bring with me here! 

The jelly I'm using isn't a true jelly. I only own two of these and they're both at home, so instead I used MUA Shade 18, which is a very sheer milky pink creme. 

The technique I used was to apply my basecoat (Nubar Ridge Filler) then one coat of Sparkle Touch, a coat of Shade 18, a coat of Sparkle Touch and then a final coat of Shade 18. Then I used Wicked Fast from Cult Nails as a top coat. Even with Wicked Fast, which usually dries really quickly, this took AGES to dry, I guess it was because of all the coats. MUA polishes usually dry really quickly, but the Miss Sporty polish took forever. I'm hoping that's not a standard thing with their stuff because I bought another two from them yesterday!

Here are the results anyway:

In natural light this leans very pink, very pretty!
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Shade - this can lean slightly white

I'm really pleased with how this came out. Originally I did this yesterday but I used more coats than was necessary (I wanted to avoid visible nail line) and my nails were too thick, I ended up hating it and taking it off. I gave it a second chance today and really loved it, I even embraced my VNL! I think the sheer pink really gave this a classiness that I loved!

I bought both of these polishes from Superdrug. MUA Shade 18 was £1, and Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch was £1.99, both bargains!


  1. Really cute and girly. Love it! xxx

    1. Glad you like it! I don't usually go for girly manis or sheer polishes at all, but I was so pleased with how this turned out, I'll definitely wear it again! I think it would look pretty on toes. I'm now trying to think of as many jelly/glitter sandwiches to do as I can!

  2. Beautiful! I've tried this sandwich thing but I cant get it to work at all :(