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H&M Lemon Tree

Hi Guys,

It's an earlier than usual post from me today, I'm going shopping later on so I'll be very busy! My boyfriend's laptop is broken so we're taking it to the Apple store, and I might have a look for a couple of new nail polishes...

I have some pretty amazing nail mail waiting for me when I get home that includes OPI Pirouette My Whistle and some Dollish Polish so I'm on the hunt for some jelly polishes so I can do some jelly sandwiches! I already have one in mind using Cult Nails Enticing, but other than that the only other jelly polish I own is Oh My GOSH Pink Red so I really need more. So if you know of any UK based brands that are easy to get hold of then please let me know. I know if I tried hard enough I could get the Nfu Oh Jelly Syrups, but they're so expensive!

Anyway, seeing as the sun isn't coming out today, I have a sunny polish to show you! I bought this last week from H&M because I really wanted another yellow. The only yellow I owned before this was NYC Colors Lexington Yellow, but I've ordered Cult Nails Feel Me Up as well. This polish was to tide me over until I get home to my Cult Nails Package!

The shade is called Lemon Tree and it's a very orange leaning yellow creme. The colour of this is similar to the photos but darker. It was totally impossible to capture on camera. This yellow really leans orange. The colour of it is similar to Sunny Delight but still darker. I really recommend you go to H&M and buy this just to see the colour!!!

The photos below show four coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast as topcoat.

Natural light
Bright Sumlight

I love this polish. I put it on yesterday morning and it hasn't chipped so far. It's such a nice colour, the kind of colour that clashes in a nice way with a lot of colours, especially the indigo dress I wore yesterday.

If you would like to buy this shade, you can find it at H&M for £2.99!


  1. I got this just the other week and I like the colour a lot! The formula drove me mental though; even at four coats I wasn't 100% happy. Your application is very impressive!

    1. Thanks! I love the colour, it's such a unique kind of yellow. My fourth coat was so thick, I thought it was never going to build! Totally worth it though, and it lasted for ages!