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Models Own Ibiza Mix

Hi everyone,

Hope you've all had a lovely day! I have! The weather finally took a turn for the better and we had some blue skies and a bit of sun, so we had a family walk on the beach, and then sat out in the garden. I'm really pleased with my post for the day as well!

I placed an order with Models Own after I got back from my holiday after searching in every Boots I could to try and find Ibiza Mix from the new HedKandi collection. It was sold out literally everywhere, so in the end I went on their site to get it, as well as a few other things of course!

Ibiza Mix is a multicoloured glitter polish in a clear base. There are so many different colours and the glitter is all different sizes. I was SO excited to get this, mostly because it's the closest thing to Lynnderella's The Glittering Crowd that I could ever hope to get!

The formula on this was so bad! Soooo watery! I love Models Own for their glitters normally, but I think they should have used a thicker base for this... Ibiza Mix has much bigger glitter pieces that their other glitters and you can see that even though there are pieces of glitter suspended, there are lots of pieces that have sunk down to the bottom.

After a failure of a first coat only getting small glitters on my nail, I really shook the bottle ready for the second coat. Then I took as much polish as I could on the brush and tried to drain some of the base back into the bottle without losing the glitter. This made it easier to get the glitter where I wanted and, most importantly, meant that I could get some of the large hex glitter onto my nails. This worked a treat and with just one good coat, I got really good coverage. I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast as the top coat. Usually I'd use Seche Vite, but this polish really wasn't bumpy like I expected it to be so Wicked Fast was more than accurate.

In the photos below I have layered this over Models Own Matt Black.

Natural Light

Blurred to see the glitter

After such a long wait, this polish didn't disappoint! Even though the formula was a disgrace, the end result was so pretty so it was totally worth it! I see so many polishes from America and beyond that really push the boundaries, but it seemed like no brand in the UK was daring to be different. This is the year of flakies, chunky glitters, multichromes and holos, and so far I'd only seen two flakies, one multichrome (Models Own Indian Ocean) and NONE of the rest so it's really nice to see a proper chunky glitter!

I just hope that other brands in the UK might follow Models Own's lead and try something new. Otherwise I might have to beat them all to it!


  1. Aw, it's such a shame it's so watery... still debating whether or not to get this one! It's so pretty but if it's a pure pain to get on, should I bother?! Fab post. Followed you :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! I'd definitely get it! Maybe I got a bad batch... I love Models Own for their glitters, which usually have a great formula, but I think they should have used a thicker base... This is like their normal base but the glitter is so big that it doesn't come onto the brush without a fight! It's all about the end result though! Worth the bother! Are you following privately, I can't see you on my list... Never mind!