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Barry M Magnetic Dark Silver

Hi guys,

I've just finished my dinner, I had a really nice curry; a korma with spinach, onions, mushrooms and potatoes, with a garlic, cheese and onion naan, it was so yummy! Now I'm watching a programme on hoarders... My boyfriend is convinced I'm going to end up like them! I just think I haven't got enough storage!

Today I have a magnetic polish to show you. This is by Barry M and their magnetic range is pretty new, it only came out about a month ago. I only picked up this colour, but I do want the red too. The only thing putting me off the red is the magnet because it's the same as the Nº7 magnetics that I have. The magnet I want is the star shape, but it comes with the blue and I already have a blue magnetic polish...

Anyway this polish is marketed as "dark silver" but it is pretty much black with a grey pattern. The magnet pattern on this is different to everything else that I've seen, it's a wavy grid pattern.

The formula on this polish was so much better than I expected. Normally for magnetic polishes I put one coat on, let it dry, then apply a thicker coat to get opacity and hover the magnet over it to get the effect while it's still wet. With this polish, the first coat went on completely opaque, and I loved the colour so much I could happily wear it without the effect! Luckily for me though, I have a polish that's pretty much dupe for this: Starry Night by Famous by Sue Moxley, so I won't have to wear the Barry M unless I want the magnetic effect.

Natural light

This is so pretty! And the magnet/magnetic particles in the polish were really strong so the application was really easy. A lot of people say that magnetic polishes are too fiddly and time consuming, but this polish makes it so easy! So if you're one of the people who feels like this, this would be a great polish to change your mind!

I bought this at my local Superdrug for £4.99. It is available at selected Superdrug and Boots stores and online, so have a look!

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