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Barry M Blue Moon


What a busy day I've had! I went to breakfast, then straight to the Sealife Centre for a few hours, then shopping, then home! Stressful but fun! My Dad bought me these wedges from River Island which I fell in love with yesterday, and I can't WAIT for the weather to be nice enough to wear them! They'll look great with bright nail polish on my toes! I also bought myself an aztec-y print sleeveless shirt dress and some socks that say "I need sunshine in my life" because that's EXACTLY how I feel right now! 

Today I have one of my new-ish Barry Ms to show you. I mentioned before that I had a love affair with Barry M a few years ago that ended with no explanation, but it's come back in full force recently. I picked up a few polishes a few weeks ago on a whim and couldn't be more pleased with them!

This polish is called Blue Moon. This is a generic blue polish name, like Blue My Mind or Blue Me Away... There are so many polishes called Blue Moon, in fact I have another one coming up in the next few days! 

This is a very pale pastel blue jelly. I thought this would be a creme but when I put the first coat on and saw exactly how sheer it was I knew I was headed for squishiness! There is some very clear blue shimmer in the bottle but sadly it didn't really translate well on the nail, or in the photos!  

This polish did take four coats to cover properly (and I still had visible nail line) and it took a while to dry (Seche Vite would sort that out) but the end result was well worth it! This looks so squishy and I think it would be PERFECT for a jelly sandwich! I have it in mind for an upcoming post that should be ready when I eventually get home, I'm not sure how long I'll be away for yet!

The photos below show four coats and no topcoat.

Natural light

See the rest of the photos after the jump!


The shimmer in the bottle

This polish is so pretty. I used to gravitate towards darker colours, but more recently I've liked pastel colours. I think I'm just trying to lure the sun out from behind the clouds with my lighter coloured nails!

I bought this polish for £2.99 in my local Superdrug but you can also find it at Boots and online.

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