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All About Me

Hi I'm Fay, and I'm a nail polish addict...

I'm also 23, a mother of one, and a wife-to-be to an amazing man.

Shortly after my son was born, I wanted to feel pretty. My old clothes didn't fit me anymore, I had less time for hair and makeup and getting ready in the morning, and you know they say "shoes always fit?" Well, that's not true! My feet had grown too big to fit in any of my old shoes!

I started painting my nails to help my self confidence and feel better about myself, and sooner or later, everything else fell into place. As that happened, this blog became not only a place to show what nail polish I was wearing, but also a place to share hair, makeup and beauty, and little snippets of my life.

So here we are today, I hope you enjoy my blog!


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