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Nails Inc Oakley Street

Hi guys,

Not so much of a nice day today, the clouds were back in full force which isn't good. I thought summer had arrived but I think I must have got it wrong! I was back in leggings, a dress and my Kurt Geiger boots (my staple every day outfit) but the cold weather gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new Hollister sweatshirt. It's just a navy blue sweatshirt but it's so comfy!

Today I have another Nails Inc post for you. This polish is called Oakley Street and it's a camel/beige creme. Normally if I'm wearing something neutral on my nails it's because I've been wearing something particularly dark or bright and I need a change, but this time it was because I was desperate to try out camel. 

It took me a long time to try out any neutral nail polishes because I don't really like how they look against my skin tone. I'm half Palestinian so I have a very olive toned skin. For olive, read yellowy... It's a really awkward colour that's not white and not tanned so I find it hard to get the perfect nude shade... Unfortunately I don't think this is it...

Here are some photos. The formula of this was great, it went on smoothly and was perfectly opaque in two coats. I didn't use topcoat.

Natural light

Looking back at these photos now I don't dislike this as much as when it was on my nails! However I don't think it complements my skin tone AT ALL. I'm not sure what kind of skin tine this would suit, but it's definitely not yellowy skin!

This shade doesn't seem to be available on the Nails Inc site, but I got this as part of a set of seven from TKMaxx for £24.99.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like caramel sweets) om nom nom)
    It's a pity it doesn't suit you! I thought yellowy polishes should look good on yellowy skin, but seems it works somehow differently...