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Models Own Blue Moon

Hi guys!

Just a quick post from me tonight because I really haven't been feeling well today... I've got a banging headache and I'm so tired! But I have a pretty polish to show you anyway.

This is one of my most recent Models Own purchases and it's called Blue Moon. It's a glass flecky kind of foil, the same as Champagne, which I posted ages and ages ago, you can see the post here.

I had seen this polish so many times before I actually bought it, it's a really striking ice blue and it's the kind of colour I love but put off buying because I think it looks a bit too futuristic. I feel the same about non holographic silvers. I needed to pick another polish anyway to get my money off (I did a buy five, save £7 deal) and I decided to go with it and I'm so pleased I did!

It's worth saying that this polish went on really sheer at first but built up really nicely because the formula was good. I used three coats for the photos below with no topcoat.

Natural light
This was so reflective, it was almost mirror-like, and it was so sparkly in the sun, as you can see from the photo above! Sorry the natural light photo is so bad, my camera was just refusing to focus on the glass fleck particles!

I really like this polish, on the nail it looks dark enough not to look like something from the future! I love these polishes from Models Own. I want to have every one that they do eventually, but right now only have this, Champagne, Gold Rush and Mystic Mauve (both of which will be on here one day!) The formula is great on them and they really make a nice change from cremes when I want something different.

If you'd like to buy this, it's really widely available in Boots or on the Models Own site where it retails for £5.


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    1. I'm glad you like it! I think it's so pretty!

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    1. Thanks Crystal! It doesn't help that my son has a really bad cough, cold and sore throat! He's even lost his voice so he can't cry properly, it's horrible to see!