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Models Own Disco Heaven

Hi guys,

So this is my first post from Malta! I'm so happy to be here, the weather is gorgeous, I've got a bit of a tan already so I'm really happy! It felt so strange not doing a post last night because I've been posting every day for so long, but it was nice to have a night off, we got in really late and just wandered into town to get some food...

Today I have a Models Own polish to show you. This is from their collaborative collection with HedKandi. I wasn't originally going to buy this polish, I only wanted the multicoloured glitter (Ibiza Mix) and maybe the bright blue (Balearic Cool) but when I saw this in the shop I needed it! I ended up buying this and Balearic Cool , but I'm still on the hunt for Ibiza Mix, it seems to be sold out in every Boots store I step foot into, so I think I'm going to buy it online when I get home...

Disco Heaven is a gold glitter with a twist. Originally I thought it was gong to be like Gold Finger, Models Own's standard gold glitter but this is so much more! It has turquoise and purple glitter in it too with the odd bit of holo glitter, so it really is totally different to every other gold glitter I've ever seen.

This polish goes on really well for a glitter. I left a few minutes between each coat until it was totally dry and I didn't get any dragging. One coat is enough to layer, but my photos show two, three and eventually four coats which gave me enough opacity.

Two coats
Three coats
Natural light

See the rest of the photos after the jump

Blurred to see the glitter better!

I love how this polish looks when it's opaque. My boyfriend said it looked over the top, but I think I'd wear it again even if it was only for a night out!

If you're only planning on buying one polish from the HedKandi collection then at the moment this is my pick. But let's see if I still feel the same way after I FINALLY get my hands on Ibiza Mix!

You can buy this in your local Boots (depending on stock...) or alternatively here on the Models Own site where it retails for £5.

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