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Dollish Polish Nail Mail


Look what got delivered to my house today! Dollish Polish nail mail!!!!

I chose Aurora Borealis, Aurora Australis and a mini of Jean Claude. I'm so annoyed with myself that I didn't buy more! As soon as the Etsy shop reopens I'm going to go crazy!

I really need to figure out what order I'm going to swatch and post all of these in, I have so many new polishes, and I've got so many more still to come!

Have a great evening!


  1. I've never heard of them. I'm excited to see what you have. I love all your swatches.... Hurry up! *cracks whip* lol

    1. I was going to wait to swatch these and do my Llarowe order first but I don't think I can wait, so I might have one of the Auroras coming up tomorrow!

  2. Lucky Duck! :P I'm loving the indie brands these days (and lets be honest who isnt?) Enjoy your pretties, I'm looking forward to seeing swatches.