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GOSH Special Edition Prima Donna

Hi guys,

This is later than I wanted to post today, but I've been really ill! I've got a throat infection that's been getting worse and worse, between that and looking after a baby, I really haven't been up to writing a post!

Despite all this, I have a GOSH Special Edition polish to show you. It's called Prima Donna and it is a brick orange with a gold shimmer. I didn't notice the shimmer in the shop but it's so pretty and really visible on the nail, which I love!

The formula was good on this. At first I thought it was going to be a one coater, but it went on in two effortless coats! 

Natural light
Sunlight - Look at that gold shimmer! 


I love this polish and I'll definitely be wearing it again. I have a few outfits it would be perfect with! I got it in Superdrug for £5.

1 comment:

  1. I just swatched this one too, it's such an unusual but lovely colour.